Victim Of Conspiracy

Mr.Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was a spokesman of the World of Islam and the leader of the Third World. Mr. Bhutto was the founder of Pakistan Nucleur program. Mr. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto inaugurated Pakistan’s first nuclear plant on 28th November 1973. Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto announced that he would called third world summit in his second tenure. Mr. Bhutto wanted to liberate the third world from Imperialism and Neo Colonialism rules.

Forces of Imperialism who feared Bhutto's capacity of uniting the Third World countries against Imperialism and developing Pakistan's nuclear capacity, decided to punish Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. As a result Mr. Kissinger warned Zulfikar Ali Bhutto that if Pakistan continued with its nuclear programme "the Prime Minister would have to pay a heavy price.We will make an example of you". . The Neo-Colonialists made a horrible example of Bhutto for his anti-Imperialistic stance, his efforts to unite the World of Islam, and his demarche towards bringing the Third World on one Platform apart from the Nuclear Issue.Other Third World leaders such as Gamal Abdel Nasser of Egypt, Ahmad Soekarno of Indonesia, and his own contemporary Salvador Allende of Chile who was elected, over thrown and assassinated during the same period.

When Mr. Bhutto announced new elections in 1977, conspirators started their work. When PPP emerged as a victorious party, the alliance of opposition parties PNA accused government of so-called rigging in the elections, as a result PNA created a great disturbance in the country and denied to accept election results. Negotiations between Mr. Bhutto and PNA resumed. An Agreement was reached on June 8, 1977 for holding Fresh Elections on October 8, 1977. At the behest and directions of Gen. Zia and foreign hands some of PNA leaders not accepted the agreement and presented additional ten points for final agreement. Asghar Khan (PNA leader) wrote a letter to army chief, asked him to over throw the Bhutto government.

This movement was initiated at the behest of the CIA and this resulted in the military coup of 4th July 1977 lead by General Zia ul Haq. In his speech while declaring martial law, General Zia termed the take-over as a "90-day operation" and declared that he had no political ambitions. He said "his sole aim" in staging the coup was "to organize free and fair elections" that would be held that October. A week later, addressing the newspaper editors, on July 11, 1977, General Zia reiterated his resolve to hold elections saying that "the primary aim before the interim regime was the restoration of democracy in the country."

During the PNA movement Pakistani intelligence recorded the conversation between American Ambassador and other diplomat, it was said that "Bhutto is finished,the party is over", next day of this conversation, in the session of national assembly Mr. Bhutto said" Party is not over"

One of PNA negotiator professor Ghafoor has written a book "Phir Marshal Law Aa Gia",In his book he wrote the story of negotiation betweem PNA and Mr. Bhutto. At the end of the Book he stated that if this step was not taken on 4th July then probably 5th July, might be the the date of final agreement.

When Gen. Zia promised to held election then he had no intentions to fulfill his promise,the purpose was only to get the support of anti Bhutto forces. Fearful of PPP victory Zia posponed the electons and arrestred Mr. Bhutto in fabricated murder case and sentenced to death. Mr Bhutto had refused to ask for mercy and had forbidden his family and friends to do so.Finally at the directions from Imperialism and Neo Colonialism forces, the great Leader was hanged by cruel and vicious dictator on 4th April.

The coup 0f 1977 was the beginning of one of the most tyrannical epochs of Pakistan's tragic history. Thousands of workers, peasants, youth, students and political workers were tortured, lashed, imprisoned and hanged in the jails of the military rule. The dictatorship carried out mass genocide of the movements which rose against it. In the 1983 movement in Sindh 1063 people were killed by the army alone. All this brutality was not only tolerated but was actively encouraged and supported by U.S. imperialism.

The Zia dictatorship was also used as a bulwark of reaction by the Americans in the whole region. The counter revolution in Afghanistan was the biggest covert operation ever carried out by the CIA in its entire history. The U.S. spent \$7 billion in direct cash on this operation. Arms and other logistic support were provided by the ISI and the Pakistan army. The manufacture and smuggling of heroin was encouraged by the CIA, to fund the reactionary insurgency. They also provided the technical skills and know-how for converting raw opium into refined white powder (heroin). This indulgence in civil society and big money made a significant impact on the society. The so-called black money ballooned and it started having its political and social impacts on society.

In eleven year rule the attitude of Zia regime towards PPP was brutal. Thousands of PPP workers were sent to jail,flogged, and some of them killed by Zia regime. Despite all brutalities Gen. Zia failed to remove PPP from national political scene, Although Gen. Zia succeeded to assassinate Mr. Bhutto, but Zia totally failed to remove Mr. Bhutto from the hearts of Pakistani people. Gen. Zia died in a horrible plane crash in August 1988. New elections were held in 1988 after the death of Gen. Zia. People of Pakistan proved that they still loved Mr. Bhutto as they loved him in his life. Pakistan Peoples Party was agian victorios in 1988 and Mr. Bhutto's daughter Bainzeer Bhutto was elected as a prime minister of Pakistan. Election 1988 proved that the elegations of rigging in the elections of 1977 was totally false.

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