Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was born in larkana on 5th january 1928. He was the son of Shahnawaz Bhutto. His Mother's Name was Lady Khursheed Begum. He Married at Karachi to Ms Nusrat Ispahani on September 8,1951. He has four children. Benazir Bhutto, Murtaza Bhutto(Late), Sanam Bhutto,Shahnawaz Bhutto(Late.)


Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was educated at a school in Bombay before studying at the University of California (1950), Christ Church, Oxford (1952), and Lincoln's Inn (1953), where he qualified as a barrister. He taught international law at the University of Southampton (1952-53) but returned to Pakistan in 1953 to practise and teach law at the University of Sind (1953-58).


Zulfikar Ali Bhutto entered politics in 1957, when he was appointed leader of Pakistan's delegation to the United Nations General Assembly.He also chaired the Pakistan delegation to the first UN Conference on the Law of the Sea, held in Geneva, Switzerland, in March 1958. The following year he became minister of commerce under President Ayub Khan, the first of several portfolios. In 1962 he became deputy head of the Muslim League and by 1963, when he was made foreign minister, he had established himself as a diplomat and international speaker for Pakistan. He resigned as foreign minister in 1966, over opposition to the Indo-Pakistan settlement reached at Tashkent, and in 1967 formed the Pakistan People's Party. Imprisoned (1968-69) for opposing Ayub Khan's regime,
Z.A. Bhutto became the President of Pakistan in 1971 and then invited the leaders of the parliamentary parties to discuss the preparation of an Islamic constitution for the country. Thus, a new constitution came into effect from 14th August 1973. Mr. Bhutto became the prime minister of Pakistan.


After resignation as Foreign Minister, Mr. Bhutto founded Pakistan Peoples Party in 1967. PPP was founded at Lahore at a convention held on 28th November, 1967. Mr. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was elected as the Chairman of the Party. The foundation of party was laid on following principles.
  • Islam is our Faith
  • Democracy is our Politics
  • Socialism is our Economy
  • All Power to the People
    The PPP attracted the active participation of the peasants, workers, middle class and students.

    Major Steps

    Mr. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto inaugurated Pakistanís first nuclear plant on 28th November 1973.
    Land Reforms - 1st March, 1973. Ceiling reduced from 500 Acres to 150 Acres of irrigated land and 1000 Acres to 300 Acres for semi-irrigated land. All lands in excess of 100 Acres allocated to Govt.
    He visited almost all the Muslim countries, set Pakistani soldiers to fight against the Jews.
    Mr. Bhutto organized the second Islamic Summit in 1974 at Lahore.
    Declared the Ahmadis as non-Muslims.
    Simla Agreement Signed. Pakistan to get back 5000 square miles of territory occupied in 1971 war. India and Pakistan to respect line of control in Kashmir without prejudice to Pakistan's claim.
    On 2nd July, 1972 National Book Foundation established on 24th September, 1972
    Establishment of NDFC on 5th February, 1973.
    Nationalized all industries in a bid to save the Pakistani economy from collapsing altogether.This was immediately followed by the announcement of a new labour policy to appease the workers. Workers would participate in Profits.
    Establishment of Quaid-E-Azam University on 9th February, 1973.
    Establishment of Port Qasim Authority on 27th June, 1973.
    Identity Cards for Citizens 28th July, 1973.
    He Laid Foundation Stone of Pakistan Steel Mill on 30th December, 1973.
    Establishment of Allama Iqbal Open University on 21st May, 1974.
    Inaugurated Pakistan's First Seerat Conference on 3rd March, 1976.
    Mr. Bhutto proposed a Third World summit on September,1976.
    Banned alcohal, gambling and other un-islamic activies, also declared Friday as weekly holiday instead of Sunday.
    Zulfikar Ali Bhutto withdrew Pakistan from Britainís Commonwealth of Nations and U.S. dominated SEATO.

    Nuclear Program

    Mr. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was the founder of Pakistan's nucleur program. He inaugurated Pakistanís first nuclear plant on 28th November 1973.
    In 1974, when the Indian Govt. actually exploded her nuclear device. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto boldly announced, "Pakistan will never surrender to a nuclear blackmail by India. The people of Pakistan are willing to do anything, even eat grass, to be at nuclear parity with India."
    Mr. Bhutto hired Dr. Qadeer Khan for Pakistan's nuclear program.
    In August 1976 USA minister Mr. Kissinger warned Zulfikar Ali Bhutto that if Pakistan continued with its nuclear programme "the Prime Minister would have to pay a heavy price.", but Mr. Bhutto never compromised on Pakistan's nucleur program. Despite of all hurdles, under his leader ship Pakistan developed into the unique Muslim State with a nuclear capability for which he paid with his life. In his book "If I am Assassinated" written from the Death Cell, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto revealed how Kissinger had said "We will make an example of you". The key factor in the over throw of Bhutto was Pakistan's nuclear capability.

    As Auther

    Mr. Bhutto wrote several books.
  • Peace-Keeping by the United Nations.
  • Political Situation in Pakistan.
  • The Myth of Independence.
  • The Great Tragedy.
  • Foreign policy of Pakistan
  • Bilateralism: New Directions.
  • The Third World: New Directions.
  • My dearest daughter.
  • My Pakistan.
  • witness to splendour
  • Pakistan and alliances
  • commitment to history
  • If I am Assassinated.
  • My Execution.
  • Let the people judge


    General Elections were held on March 7, 1977. PPP emerged as the victorious Party. At the behest of General Ziaul Haq(the man he had appointed Chief of Staff of the Army) & some foreign powers, PNA accused government of so-called rigging in the elections. Negotiations with PNA resumed. An Agreement was reached on June 8, 1977 for holding Fresh Elections on October 8, 1977.

    Zia ul Haq, at the directions of some foreign powers & internal conspirators, who feared Bhutto's capacity of uniting the Third World countries and sought to punish him for developing Pakistan's nuclear capacity, and imposed Martial Law upon the country on 5th July, 1977 and promised to hold new elections within 3 months.

    Zulfikar Ali Bhutto arrested on July, 5, 1977 and released on July 28, 1977. Gen. Zia announced the date for new elections. But when Gen. Zia came to know that PPP would again victorious, he postponed the elections. Gen. Zia & conpirators knew that it was impossible to remove Mr. Bhutto politically, so they decided to remove him physically. As a result Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was arrested in a fabricated murder case and sentenced to death.

    Despite international appeals for clemency from several world leaders on his behalf, Bhutto was hanged Mercilessly on April 4, 1979. His wife and daughter, who were under house arrest, were not allowed to attend the funeral. He was buried under strict army supervision.

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